North Elevations Church has developed a new means of Christian Worship. Our goal is to take a passionate approach to forming relationships with God. We also want to encourage our community to find themselves in their journey to finding the lord and the place he hold in their hearts. We want our community to focus on just that, community. Taking care of one another, and helping each other to reach their goals, find themselves, and find the lord, is the true measure of good doing.

We have three goals in mind. We refer to them as the Three R’s

Restore Fallen People

Resolve Conflict

Refocus On People

Our church is all about our people. We would be nothing without the community around us, and want to continue to build this community and share our passion for Jesus with everyone. We especially want to share this love with those that have fallen off their path to connecting with the lord. We seek to help bring the conflict in your life to and end, and will continue to focus on healing lives, one day at a time.
Join us on our journey to being one with the lord, and find yourself once again. Don’t hesitate to contact us about joining our worship. Our pastors are more than happy to welcome you into our community.