1. Chasing Your Dream

    The sun was setting in the west on a sweltering summer evening as I peered out the bay window in the kitchen of Mr. and Mrs. Copeland's home while they ate oatmeal.  It sounds like there may be a good story there. I want to encourage everyone to come this Sunday as I share the rest of this personal story of that evening with Kenneth Copeland's parents that became a turning point where chasing dr…Read More

  2. Ever-Changing World

    In our ever-changing world, where distractions arise and schedules shift, there are lots of obstacles to a consistent prayer life. The good news is you're not the only one to face these challenges! Here are three simple steps to having a life with constant prayer.  Ask God to help you make time for regular prayer. He knows our challenges and will help us as we make our request known.  According …Read More

  3. Family and Friends

    Do you make daily prayer a priority, and not just once a day?  What I mean is, do you pray multiple times a day?  Let me ask this important question: Do you wake up with God and end your day with God in prayer?  Did you know that prayer is vital for your family?  Furthermore, it's just as important for your friends.  Prayer is the lifeline to God and connects us spiritually with Him.  Here I…Read More

  4. God’s Audible Voice

    Let's see; God conversed with Adam in the first garden.  He told Noah to build an ark.  God spoke to Moses through a burning bush.  He was talking and promised Abraham a son.  Paul heard His voice on the way to Damascus to arrest Christians.  But, does God indeed still speak to anybody today?  If so, how? When? Where? Often when people ask me this question, they are not just talking about an…Read More

  5. Talking Points On Prayer

    Prayer is a part of every major religion, but there are several distinct differences that make Christianity unique: Christians have been given the greatest of all privileges to know their God personally.  Christians have been given a personal invitation to have the very Spirit of God live inside them. Through His spirit God reveals His very nature to us.  That's what it means to have a personal …Read More

  6. 39.1-Mile Circle

    Once again, early this morning I drove a 39.1-mile circle while praying over what we have always called our target point.  As I have been driving and praying, that circle has enlarged over the past five and a half years.  Not only does it include what's inside the 39.1-mile circle, but extends from the passenger side of my truck out 20 miles.  Now that's a large circle!   In July and August, w…Read More

  7. The Church and The Youth

    At North Elevation Church, we have the responsibility of making our community of faith a place where people of all ages are encouraged.  The larger mission and vision of NEC is to help people of all ages meet Christ, know Christ, and serve with Christ.  A primary aspect of this challenge is to engage teenagers in the life of our Community of Faith and Worship.  If we are to do that, we each …Read More

  8. Music, Drama, Arts, and Preaching!

    Let's realize something about the amazing God we serve. He could have made the decision that the only way he would speak to us was by dropping visual images into our minds, like photographs to describe what He wanted us to know and do. The truth is, God does speak to us through visual images, even through the beautiful nature around us. With that being said, God has chosen primarily to talk to u…Read More

  9. A Call to Silence

    You know, with all of the modern amenities and discoveries we have, they did nothing to create room for more thought, for being quiet, or for worshiping God. The pace, in fact, seems to have increased beyond our ability to keep up. Everyone is busy and in a hurry; speed has become the essential factor. In the midst of this noisy, frenzied world, a call to silence seems almost ludicrous. The call c…Read More

  10. Meeting Together with God According to Don Whitney

    Community worship brings together God's word, prayer, and fellowship. Together they become part of one of the most important things we do. Community worship plays an essential role in rekindling our spiritual life and keeping it burning. So it's important to distinguish between what benefits might provoke us to be regular in community worship, and what focus our minds and hearts should pursue at t…Read More