1. Time To Decide

    Take some time to sit and meditate on what I've written with your Bible open. When you have a decision to make, do you normally go with the flow? Or do you pray for wisdom and weigh your decisions on …Read More

  2. Small Group Series at North Elevation Church

    Upcoming Small Group Series

    Starting September 17 This is a 5 week small group by Dr Emmerson & Sarah Eggerichs...not just for couples...anyone who deals with the opposite sex!!   Held Sundays after church, at 11:45 am at…Read More

  3. Random Thoughts from Inside a Bald-Headed Pastor: Trolling and Ranting

    Trolling and Ranting Now and then, a subject matter comes along that's just so infuriating that you need to get it off your chest. Like the Dallas Cowboy’s terrible 2015 season, or the ongoing wait …Read More