Do you ever have that morning where you intend to get up, but this weird phenomenon happens, especially when you have committed to a regular Rhythm and Routine of seeking God? You know the commitment; you want to fine-tune your ear to the voice of the Holy Spirit and learn and understand God in a fresh way every day.

Well, the other morning the alarm went off at 5:30 am, and I did what I always do. I strike up a conversation with the Holy Spirit before I even get out of bed. I do remember the start of the conversation but not the end of it at all. Why? Fifty minutes later I wake up, that’s why. LOL! Now I jump out of bed and start getting ready because I have a 7:30 am one on one discipleship I’m walking someone through, and it’s a thirty-minute drive.

Bummer, there goes my Wednesday morning hour and half of worship, prayer, bible study and journaling down the tubes. Not necessarily; I have a thirty-minute drive in both directions. That’s an hour of windshield time. The question is, what will I do with that time? I will tell you what I did with that time, I listened to Psalms and Prayed on the way there, and on the way back I listened to Worship and Dreamed with the Holy Spirit.

I’ve gone through times in the past where I would find myself three or four days without any meaningful devotional time with Father God. In those times I would convince myself that I had good reasons to miss my regular Rhythm and Routine with Him. But the truth is, I had no good reason not to have a devotional time with Him. So, I had a morning where I missed my usual on Wednesday. The opportunity was still there, and I took hold of it.

The Deceiver (Satan) wants to disconnect you from your Rhythm and Routine (You DO Have One Right?) and trick you into thinking you missed it today and so, you lost your opportunity. Listen, it all boils down to choices. My message to myself goes like this; Cory there are no excuses, you can do this. The decision to have a meaningful Rhythm and Routine with God and His Spirit, the Holy Spirit, is a choice, pure and simple. Here on this earth that is the right choice, the best choice, the healthiest choice. Protect your Rhythm and Routine with God.

Make The Right Choice!