This short 2-part blog that will end up landing on our website will not strike everyone, but to those it does, well, I will comment at the end.

The Line At Home

I’m not going to tell you that you can never work at home. I personally do a lot of work at home. However, you should establish a line at home that is not crossed; this may be a certain amount of time or certain days of the week where work at home is allowed. Listen to this truth; draw the line and keep your family healthy.  Make the line a clear separation between work time and home time. Get input from your family.

The Line On The Way Home

On the drive home ask yourself; does the task or responsibility I’m taking home with me absolutely need to be done tonight?  More often than we would like to admit, the answer is simply, “No.”  Being “home” when you are home is important.  In fact, consider this, I know this goes against the grain for many of you, including me, if you had a not so productive day, maybe just perhaps, God for His own purposes, may have actually saved your most productive hours today for your own family.

As a Pastor we say; “I’m working for God.” The problem is, the line can become more blurred as our vocation involves people’s spiritual lives, which is immensely and eternally valuable.  Still, life taught me in biblically leading the home; I had to learn balance when it comes to tending to the spiritual needs of others.  One cannot do so at the expense of one’s own spouse and family.  You will see where this applies to your own life.

Time For The Family

Do you plan tasks for your workday? Hope you did so you are the best Christian worker in the company.  The question that I must ask is, did you prepare any specific time today for your home and family?  A simple principle is to learn something about each of your children and your spouse each day, through spending time with them and through conversation. In our home, we made the dinner table a sacred event—every member at the table, no radio or TV. That’s right; the word no meant no!  Nowadays it would be no devices of any kind! Other families designate family nights. Whatever your “system,” be sure your after work hours include time for your family.


If this shoe fits and I know it does, ask God to help you make the right changes for you and your family.