As I stated last time, we hear a lot about being “Missional” around the church and in the church world. Let’s review the definitions. Missional is defined the following way- “A community of God’s people that define itself and organizes its life around its real purpose for existing. (such as NEC’s 3R’s) A community that’s being an agent of God’s mission to the world.” Here again is my personal view of Missional. It begins with a Christian who adapts their life to what I call “Missional Living.” I define Missional Living as-“The adoption of the posture, thinking, behavior, and practices of a missionary. Bringing the Gospel message to the world you live in.” Let me say once again that missional living is the actual embodiment of the mission of Jesus, which is bringing the incarnation of the gospel to the world.

With that said, we live in a world of constant communication with all the technology and devices. When was the last time you went into a store, restaurant ECT, and there wasn’t a TV showing news or sports? And the answer is, hardly ever. Even with all this communication, most people feel alone and without hope. It reminds me of the Three Dog Night hit from the 70’s, “One Is The Loneliest Number.” Let’s look at one of NEC’s prime Vision/Mission Statements.

“Elevating Our Communities With Hope, One Person At A Time”

People are tired of false promises, and they are also unprepared for unanticipated outcomes. They want certainty during a time in history when the world is angry, bitter, cynical, disheartened and disillusioned by artificial relationships, and the scandals of society. In a word, they want hope! Hope is a critical to faith, a faith that perhaps there is a high probability something is possible. When Hope based on your real-world experiences, (your story) along with the knowledge of factual truth in God’s Word, will give them hope that there is something out there they can trust in, which will help them end their loneliness.

At NEC we are all about the one. That one person who needs Hope in their lonely world. You have a story to tell-so tell it! I encourage you to look behind you, listen to your left, then to your right, look straight in front of you, people are all around you who need to hear your story of hope.

As I’ve said before, in some way or another you’re a Leader at NEC and it’s up to us to model for the rest of the Community of Faith at NEC what it looks like to be “Elevating Our Communities With Hope, One Person At A Time.”

– Pastor Cory