At NEC we believe in the Church, even if society doesn’t. We live unfortunately in a culture that proclaims that the church is no longer relevant and its dying. At NEC we have hope that changes lives. Our hope lies in the fact that we believe that God has placed His calling on the lives of our pastors, board, elders, servant leaders, difference makers, and our small group leaders to lead the church beyond its walls and impact our communities one person at a time in undeniably powerful ways.

At NEC, lets remind ourselves that one of the 3r’s is- “Refocusing The Church” that it’s all about people not about me, myself and I.

The first mission Jesus ever gave to anyone was an assignment about people. He called Peter and Andrew out from their profession to become fishers of men. If there’s something that Jesus is about, He’s about people. It’s significant how He was captivated by people, astonished by them, moved to great concern for them, to the point of lamenting on their behalf as well. Even on the cross, despite the pain and suffering, He was enduring, He was still thinking of the people around Him. If Jesus was so much about people, shouldn’t we be as well? God’s interest and concern are people.

Let me ask all of us as leaders a couple of questions.

1. Do I love what Jesus loves?
2. That is, do I love people as much as Jesus loves people?

As God’s ambassadors, we must realize one of the most authentic ways to please God is to act on these questions: Remember it’s all about the people. We exist to bring Hope to our Communities, One Person at a Time.

– Pastor Cory