We hear a lot about being “Missional” around the church and in the church world – so what does it mean to be missional? Well, that depends on who you’re talking to because it can get a little bizarre. Here are some examples; There is Missional Communities, Missional Leaders, Missional Worship and here are a couple of strange ones, Missional Seating and Missional Coffee. Coffee?!?! Missional is defined the following way- “A community of God’s people that define itself and organizes its life around its real purpose for existing. (such as NEC’s 3R’s) A community that’s being an agent of God’s mission to the world.”

Here is my personal view of Missional. A Christian who adapts their life to what I call “Missional Living.” So, what is missional living? Glad you asked, let me give you my definition. Missional Living- “The adoption of the posture, thinking, behavior, and practices of a missionary. Bringing the Gospel message to the world you live in.” Let me say this also, missional living is the actual embodiment of the mission of Jesus, which is bringing the incarnation of the gospel to the world.

It’s imperative that we as Christians adopt a true missional lifestyle and be like Jesus, by living as missionaries in our personal world and society every day. Missional living is being faithful to the Father and His gospel as Jesus was. We must be missionaries and expose the gospel to all the cultures of our society.

Let me leave you with this one question because I must; When was the last time you shared the Gospel with a non-Christian?

– Pastor Cory