What does the Goodness of God mean?

Let’s start with- His goodness is one of the traits or attributes of God’s very essence. God, by nature, is intrinsically good, as Psalm 34:8 (AMPC) states; “8 O taste and see that the Lord [our God] is good! Blessed (happy, fortunate, to be envied) is the man who trusts and takes refuge in Him.” He is the groundwork of goodness and everything good. He did not obtain it from another source; He is the source. God’s goodness is very personal. I’m not a hymn guy, but there is an old hymn who’s chorus talks to who God is. “God is so good; He’s so good to me.” God or good-good Father is so good to each of us in so many ways that there is not the time to name it all.

With all that said, let me address receiving Blessings from God.

I love how the Urban Dictionary defines a blessing, it says; “A blessing is a good and perfect gift from God. When you receive something that is undeserved. A blessing can also be a gift received at the right moment in your life like favor that influences change. To give someone your blessing is to give them your permission to follow through with their plan. To be a blessing is when you help someone out in such ways they can’t afford to repay you.”

Let me say it a different way; A blessing is any Expression of the Goodness of God.

God is moving and blessing us beyond answered prayer. If we are looking at only answered prayer to identify when we receive a blessing or some goodness from God, we have just limited who our God is. Let’s go deeper; His blessings are not always answered prayer or supernatural provision or even positive events. What about recognizing His goodness, His blessing of inner strength during a difficult time in your life. How about God’s goodness, His blessing of new insight that changes everything, that unexpected moment you did not petition Him for in prayer. What about His amazing goodness and blessing to give us peace that transcends everything in a dark hour of life, now that’s what I’m talking about!! He is a Good-Good Father.

Here’s one of my favorite blessings that reveal His goodness-growing to a new level of Spiritual Maturity that I could never do on my own, He just does it without me asking. Here’s one, what about His blessing and goodness to empower us to achieve a God-Size task or giving us more significant influence. Now it’s time to unpack the key. God moves on our obedience to Him. The next word is strong, but it makes the point clear; Compliance is vital. I know we want to do whatever we want to do, however we want to do it and still want God to just do everything we want. Sorry, scripture says obedience is key.

God is moving right now because of your obedience – just so He can bless you, don’t miss it. Keep watch! Obey our Good-Good Father!

-Pastor Cory

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