On Wednesday morning while on my way to the Men’s Small Group in Venus, I suddenly became very grateful for the invention of the bright switch for the headlights. As I rounded a blind corner, there was a large mattress halfway on the road. Seeing it early in the dark of the morning because my lights were on bright I made a small adjustment to the left and missed it. But I had a series of thoughts race through my heart that pretty much capture the rest of my drive. Before I share those thoughts, it was apparent the mattress had been dumped because there was other stuff on the side of the road. So why the mattress?

Like most of us, we all keep our mattresses way too long. We hang on to them until we just can’t take it anymore, and then we dump it! Now here are the thoughts that raced through my mind. Cory, are you leaving gratitude on the side of the road. Have you dumped it because you don’t have what you want? Are you, Cory thankful for the mattress you get to sleep on each night? Matter of fact, are you grateful for all that you do have?

The Holy Spirit prompted that series of thoughts, and it was appropriate. Am I thankful for what I do have? Those eight words are powerful! Let me encourage you to do something. You took the time to read this email – now take the time to thank Yahweh for what you do have. Get a fresh perspective on the Goodness of your Heavenly Father and celebrate right now what you do have.

– Pastor Cory