1. Time To Decide

    Take some time to sit and meditate on what I've written with your Bible open. When you have a decision to make, do you normally go with the flow? Or do you pray for wisdom and weigh your decisions on …Read More

  2. Current News & Upcoming Events

    This Sunday, Sept. 10, New Sermon Series Begins When it comes to finding ways to incorporating the word of God into your day, and how to better yourself and the way that live a message, there's no suc…Read More

  3. Small Group Series at North Elevation Church

    Upcoming Small Group Series

    Starting September 17 This is a 5 week small group by Dr Emmerson & Sarah Eggerichs...not just for couples...anyone who deals with the opposite sex!!   Held Sundays after church, at 11:45 am at…Read More


    It’s waaaaaay to hot out there!  Come inside and join us a CORE517 Student Ministries, Wednesday nights from 7:00pm to 9:00pm!  It’ll beat melting on the sidewalk any day!!!…Read More

  5. Chasing Your Dream

    The sun was setting in the west on a sweltering summer evening as I peered out the bay window in the kitchen of Mr. and Mrs. Copeland's home while they ate oatmeal.  It sounds like there may be a go…Read More

  6. Ever-Changing World

    In our ever-changing world, where distractions arise and schedules shift, there are lots of obstacles to a consistent prayer life. The good news is you're not the only one to face these challenges! He…Read More

  7. Family and Friends

    Do you make daily prayer a priority, and not just once a day?  What I mean is, do you pray multiple times a day?  Let me ask this important question: Do you wake up with God and end your day with Go…Read More

  8. God’s Audible Voice

    Let's see; God conversed with Adam in the first garden.  He told Noah to build an ark.  God spoke to Moses through a burning bush.  He was talking and promised Abraham a son.  Paul heard His voice…Read More