24468815_hougThe power of prayer and group prayer is well-documented. It can produce miracles. It can increase our faith and understanding. It can make us strong and give strength to those in need. Prayer at North Elevation Church is not something we just do; it really in every way defines who NEC is. We are a praying people. Through prayer, we grow personally, we grow in our relationships with others and we certainly grow in our relationship with God.

Through intercession, we participate with God to establish His heart in us, His will and His purposes in our families, our church, our city, our nation and the world. God has designed you for relationship with Him through prayer, but also to cooperate with Him through prayer. Prayer is exciting and rewarding.

Wherever you are in your walk in your personal prayer life, God wants to take you even higher—the rewards are eternal!

PULSE PRAYER NETWORK, accepts all prayer request by email or by calling the church office at 817-473-7575 for a prayer meeting near you.