1. Crisis Of Mistrust, Part 6

    God First in Your Life God looks for, and delights in, our freewill offerings.  Free will means what it says; a voluntary choice or decision given of your own free will.  It does not mean something …Read More

  2. Crisis Of Mistrust Part 5

    God Is First – Tithes, Offerings, Church, and More The Message | ‎Pr 3:9 Honor God with everything you own; give him the first and the best. Jesus talked about money more than He did about Heaven …Read More

  3. Crisis Of Mistrust, Part 4

    This blog is not an attempt to receive another offering. This is all about learning to trust God, and God alone.  Nothing else. Our Own DNA Why do we find that some people are more motivated to give …Read More

  4. Crisis Of Mistrust, Part 3

    The Judas Factor When I consider the subject of The Crisis of Mistrust, and that crisis being our lack of trust in God where money is concerned, I think about the following scripture: NLT | ‎Jn 12:1…Read More

  5. Crisis Of Mistrust, Part 1

    In the United States, the daily reports on Economic News brings nothing but burden and stress to so many Americans. When I look back through my pre-teen and teenage years, we saw the 70’s oil crisis…Read More